About Rapitow™
  • Rapitow™ was created by two software industry professionals and a tow company owner. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of roadside assistance by using mobile technology to connect people who need roadside assistance to the closest roadside assistance provider.

    Rapitow™ is faster, more efficient and easier to use.
Rapitow™ to the rescue
  • Rapitow™ is reinventing roadside. It’s time for a better solution. With the proliferation of Smart Phones our world is digitally connected. Moving roadside assistance from an archaic phone call to a modern mobile digital solution meets the expectations of today’s drivers.

    Rapitow's™ Mission
    To shorten RSA response time. The industry average response time is 54 minutes. This means that your driver is sitting on the site of the road for almost 1 hour before help arrives. By tracking drivers in real time and sending the closest provider, we shave 20 minutes off the average and show up within 34 minutes.

    To increase driver satisfaction. Let’s face it, no one like sitting on the site of the road wondering when help will arrive. Rapitow eliminates driver stress by showing the service provider approaching on a map. ETA is updated in real time and your driver can call our service provider directly.

    To reduce the cost of your RSA program. Man power is expensive. Your call center based RSA provider is operating a call center with hundreds of people. We run lean, our system automatically dispatches services calls and our lean call center acts as a back up. This allows us to save over $5-Million per year in payroll costs, and we pass that savings on to you.
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