About Rapitow™
  • Rapitow™ was created by two software industry professionals and a tow company owner. Our goal is to improve the efficiency of roadside assistance by using mobile technology to connect people who need roadside assistance to the closest roadside assistance provider.

    Rapitow™ is faster, more efficient and easier to use.
Rapitow™ to the rescue
  • Roadside emergencies are more than just an inconvenience, they’re potentially dangerous situations.

    Flat Tire on the Highway: Don’t get out of your car to change it with cars whizzing by at 100Kmph. A Rapitow service provider will change your tire safely, even if they have to tow it off the highway to a safer location.

    Out of Gas: Don’t walk to a gas station or hitch hike, both are potentially dangerous. Stay safe in your car, keep the doors locked and tap the Rapitow app for help.

    Dead Battery: Even if you have jumper cables and another car boosting is complicated. If done incorrectly you can damage your vehicle’s electronics or you could injure yourself. Get the job done right with a Rapitow service provider.
Rapitow's™ Mission
  • To take the fear out of roadside emergencies. Roadside emergencies happen without warning and almost 1/3 of all cars on the road have a roadside emergency every year. With a Rapitow membership, install the app on each driver phone and your family will be prepared for any roadside emergency.

    To provide the fastest service. The Rapitow app connects you to the closest roadside assistance provider. Help is only minutes away.

    To keep you fully informed. No more wondering when help will arrive. You can watch the service provider’s arrival on the Rapitow map.

    To provide affordable roadside assistance. The $9/month membership covers your car and all drivers. This low monthly fee is easy to afford and you can add additional vehicles at a discounted rate.

Download RapitowTM for iPhone or Android