Tow Companies Wanted
Rapitow™ has expanded across all of Canada and we're looking for towing companies to join us.

Contact us today at towpartners@rapitow.com to learn more about our rates and services.
Get paid for performing calls for our customers,
We have great rates!

Rapitow™ connects our clients with your closest tow operator.

Shorter travel times allows your company
to complete more calls per day.

Now that's just smart business.

We'll also give you free tracking software.

Rapitow™ sends the closest service calls right to your Android or iPhone device.
Save gas and answer more calls in less time.
Save more and earn more
with Rapitow™.
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More calls,
less gas.
Get more out of your day.
Keep your dispatch center
informed with
Rapitow™ Insight,
View all drivers at any time on one screen.
Rapitow™ offers tow companies more.
Rapitow™ is a Roadside Assistance technology company.
While we were busy building Rapitow™ we thought we'd build some great technology that will help you manage your business better.

Rapitow Insight™ is feature rich and FREE to use.
Rapitow™ Driver App
Each driver installs the Rapitow™ Driver app on their IPhone or Android Phone. When they are in "Accepting Calls" mode you will see them appear on your Rapitow™ Insight Map.
Rapitow™ Insight
Rapitow™ Insight allows you to track the location of all tow trucks and assign your incoming services calls to the closest driver. What would normally cost a towing company thousands of dollars is provided for FREE through Rapitow™.
Simply login to Rapitow™ to monitor your tow operators. Rapitow™ shows you the exact location of all drivers that are running Rapitow™. Provided information includes: driver status, location and next availability.
Rapitow™ Insight Dispatch
Dispatch all of your calls through Rapitow™ Insight. Simply click the Rapi-Dispatch button, fill in the full call details and assign the call to your chosen driver. You can even let Rapitow™ auto dispatch to the closest available driver.
Email and Text Messaging
Email and Text message can be automatically sent to a dispatch operator every time your driver accepts, declines and completes a service call. This allows you to stay informed without being stuck at a desk.
Rapitow Insight™
  • See all your trucks
  • Dispatch calls
  • Stay informed
  • Free to use

Download RapitowTM for iPhone or Android