We keep your business rolling.
When your drivers need roadside assistance they just tap the app and the closest service provider in our network is on the way.
Business Services
Rapitow provides professional roadside assistance services to Car Manufacturers, Insurance Companies, Rental Car Companies, Banks, Tire Manufacturers and large corporate fleets.

When your customers need roadside assistance they can count on Rapitow to provide a fast and easy to use modern experience. Rapitow™'s GPS tracked network of roadside professional allows us to send the closest service provider, always. This results in the fastest response time for your customer.

Rapitow also reduces the stress that is always associated with roadside emergencies. Our Rapitow app, provides a real time map that allows your drivers to view the approaching tow truck. They will know exactly when help has been sent and how long it will take to arrive.

Whether you need a stand alone roadside assistance app or integration into your existing app, we have the modern solution that will keep your customers rolling.
Rapitow provides high tech roadside assistance
GPS Location: We never ask your driver to provide us with location information.Our GPS aware app already knows.

No waiting on hold: Your drivers do not need to call us. Simply tap a button on the app for help, indicate what kind of problem they are experiencing and we take care of the rest.

Real Time Updates: Your drivers are never left in the dark, Rapitow provides them with a real time map and the ability to speak with the roadside service provider.
Flexible Service Plans
Pay Per Use: Rapitow™'s Pay Per Use plan allows you to only pay for the service you use. No admin fees, setup fees or monthly fees.

Per Vehicle: Rapitow also offers fixed price roadside assistance. Simply pay a low annual fee per vehicle. All roadside services are included in the per vehicle fee.
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